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A large shopping centre based in New South Wales experienced repeated graffiti vandalism in their washrooms. The facilities management company, Assetlink, were in search of a quick and effective method of removing the graffiti and restoring the vandalised property back to its original condition.


Chemform offered Graffiti wipes – GRAFFITI WIPES are designed to be used for fast, easy clean-up of paint from non-porous surfaces. These amazing wipes are pre-moistened with an incredible leaning formula that removes paints (including enamel), ink and even permanent marker. A few swipes with a single wipe quickly dissolves.


The results speak for themselves. Assetlink now utilise the graffiti wipes across the country.



After (wall)


About Graffiti Wipes

Environmentally safe biodegradable formula. Does not contain amyl acetate or methylene chloride, unlike other graffiti removers, making these towels less hazardous for users as well as surfaces.

Graffiti wipes are abrasive yet non-scratching. The container is sealed keeping wipes moist for greater usage and longer shelf life.

Graffiti wipes remove paint & ink from bathroom partitions, phone booths, lamp posts, bus stops & seats, desks, wall tiles, trains, lockers, aluminium siding, road signs, stainless steel, billboard and more.

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