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We offer the ‘Clean & Green Environmental Certification Program’ to our clients to provide a framework for using cleaning chemicals that are environmentally preferable.

In order to be certified ‘Clean and Green’, a rigorous initial audit is undertaken to validate chemicals used and cleaning processes. Once achieved, the certification is maintained via a periodic audit process.

Green STAMP approvedClients can display the “Clean and Green” certificate which clearly displays their commitment to environmental responsibility and the use of environmentally friendly products.

The “Clean and Green” program has four important aims:

  1. To use environmentally friendly, non-dangerous chemicals wherever possible.
  2. To validate the client’s cleaning processes to ensure that optimal cleaning results are achieved without compromising worker safety.
  3. To ensure that regulatory requirements for chemical storage and use are met.
  4. To monitor costs.

Central to the program is the partnership between Chemform and our client. Our expertise is provided to customers and their staff to ensure that the complex, regulatory demands are met while maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

Speak to your Chemform representative to find out how your company can be certified Clean & Green.

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