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We have developed specific ranges for various industries and applications.

Sapphire Concentrate & Ready To Use Ranges

Our Sapphire range of cleaning chemicals are available in 2.5L concentrate and 750mL Ready To Use containers. Sapphire products are easy to use, safe, and can be easily identified with generic names, easy to follow number / colour coding and icons.Neutral Floor Cleaner

The Sapphire Concentrate range is GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) approved. GECA are an independent, non-profitable organisation and are Australia’s leading certifier of environmentally preferable goods and services. Also, Sapphire concentrate range have the added benefit of safety inserts, minimising contact and eliminating waste.

All Sapphire Concentrate labels contain readily accessible safety information with their precautions for use and first aid.

The Sapphire ranges are cost effective, provide performance and safety benefits, as well as environmental sustainability.

Clour-Coded RangeColour-Coded Range This all-purpose Colour Coded range is non-dangerous and derived from plant-based renewable resources where possible, offering quality and eco-friendly performance.

Each product can be easily identified by their generic names, easily recognisable number/ colour coding and icons. To make life easier for our customers, we provide matching screen printed spray bottles for all products.

Colour Coded GroupLC Range (Laundry Concentrate)
The LC range is a concentrated on-premise laundry system that comprises of chemicals that are effective, economical in use, safe to handle and easy to store. The LC range is a proven set of products that provide outstanding results for all wash conditions. The range is:


  • Packaged in 5 litre containers for easy handling and storage.
  • Include safety inserts to minimise contact with the product and prevent waste.
  • The LC range is automatically dispensed to ensure optimum results and to reduce cost in use.


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