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We would love to claim all the kudos for your outstanding cleaning results,
however we need to be honest with you...

Your cleaning product is only one small part of the overall job!

Make cleaning easy by understanding the four basic fundamentals to the Science Of Cleaning. 

At Chemform we call it the T.A.C.T principle.

What is the T.A.C.T principle?


• Generally, hotter is better however temperature should be adjusted according to the cleaning product and application.
• C​​leaning efficiency increases as the temperature increases.
• Heat makes molecules move faster and therefore clean more quickly.


• Agitation (commonly known as scrubbing) is achieved through the use of a brush and physical action, water pressure or mechanically assisted (e.g. laundry machines).
• Agitation helps to distribute cleaning agents for maximum soil suspension and removal.


• The process whereby the cleaning solution dissolves, emulsifies or loosens the soil particles. Cleaning products are specifically designed for their use application and should always be used in accordance with label directions.



•  Generally speaking, the longer the product has to work its magic, the better the results.

Next time you're cleaning be sure to remember the T.A.C.T principal - the combination of temperature, agitation, chemical action and time will deliver optimum cleaning & hygiene results!

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