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Are you in the hospitality/food service industry and want to know how to protect your patrons and staff from a Norovirus outbreak? 




What is the Norovirus?

A common and highly infectious pathogen, the Norovirus can easily spread in food or water or from person to person.


What are some of the symptoms?

As outlined by the World Health Organisation, symptoms often start with sudden onset of vomiting and/or diarrhoea. There may be fever, abdominal cramps and malaise.


Looking for ways to prevent a Norovirus outbreak in your restaurant or kitchen?

Implementing a routine santising program of surfaces and providing hand sanitising stations throughout the premises are a few ways to help mitigate the risk of an outbreak.


Business impacts of a Norovirus outbreak

Carelessness and poor sanitisation programs can result in a Norovirus outbreak in your facility which can have devastating impacts to your business, including:

  • Customers and staff fall ill to the virus.
  • Negative publicity and loss of business.
  • Health Department examination and penalties including potential shut down.


For more information on how to develop an effective sanitisation program, lodge a request below:

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To find out more about the Norovirus speak to your healthcare professional.


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